In honor of Breaking Dawn. 

Friday Nov 11 @ 02:14pm

Haha oh dear I laughed too hard. 

Wednesday Nov 11 @ 02:02pm

When someone asks what you & your best friend are talking about.

Monday Nov 11 @ 04:40pm

When the teacher is lecturing too fast

Thursday Nov 11 @ 12:49am

Somebody needs to invent a mirror that takes pictures...


Thursday Nov 11 @ 12:29am


Wednesday Nov 11 @ 11:02pm

#burgers #burger #food


#burgers #burger #food

Sunday Nov 11 @ 07:41pm

That scary moment when you hear freaky sounds at night


and you’re just like:

Sunday Nov 11 @ 07:17pm

My mom picks the most random times to bother me.

I’ll just be chillin’ minding my own business

& she’ll come in my room like

Sunday Nov 11 @ 06:32pm

When your mom comes home and you haven’t done anything she asked you to do

Sunday Nov 11 @ 06:31pm